Effective integration into the broader community can have a significant impact on the quality of life outcomes experienced by individuals after neurotrauma. Research in this area aims to improve these outcomes.

Residential accommodation

Experiences of lifetime, supported accommodation can vary significantly based on a range of factors. ISCRR researchers have closely examined supported accommodation and how it can effectively be delivered to people with disabilities in Victoria.

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Summary of bladder management care experiences following spinal cord injury Research Summary

This research summary provides an overview of a project developed to improve urological care for people living with spinal cord injury. Researchers investigated the barriers and facilitators to bladder care, as well as the impacts of bladder dysfunction at a personal and societal level.

Authors: Braaf, S; Gabbe, B; Nunn, A; Lennox, A

Keywords: bladder management ; spinal cord injury; social factors; guidelines; health-related quality of life

Date published: June 2016

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Vehicle modifications for drivers with disabilities: developing the evidence base to support prescription guidelines, improve user safety and enhance participation Research Report

This study aimed to provide a stronger evidence base for the future improvement of vehicle modification prescriptions for drivers with disabilities. The study involved a survey of drivers who regularly used vehicle modifications to understand how they used their vehicles, a literature review of prescription issues, and a study tour to learn from other jurisdictions about their approaches and guidelines. Victoria’s Occupational Therapy Driving Assessors were also engaged to redevelop guidelines around assessing the need for vehicle modifications for drivers with disabilities. As a result of the research, a draft model of practice and set of prescription guidelines were developed.

Authors: Di Stefano, M; Stuckey, R; Macdonald, W; Lavender, K

Keywords: community integration ; vehicled modification

Date published: May 2015

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The Community Integration Questionnaire-Revised: Australian normative data and measuring electronic social networking Research Report

The Community Integration Questionnaire is used internationally to measure community integration post rehabilitation. This study revised and extended the Questionnaire after identifying a need to incorporate an assessment of electronic social networking and to collect information about levels of community participation and integration in community members without a disability to provide a baseline comparison. The data collected enhances the understanding of the home, social and productivity integration outcomes of TAC clients with traumatic brain injury following rehabilitation. The findings provide the ability to assess whether clients had returned to a level of integration comparative to non-disabled Australians.

Authors: Callaway, L; Winkler, D; Tippett, A; Migliorini, C; Herd, N; Willer, B

Keywords: neurotrauma; community integration

Date published: August 2014

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