In Australia, there are ten major public compensation systems in operation, assisting more than 200,000 workers with their claims and return to work process on an annual basis. Return to work outcomes vary across different compensation systems, largely due to differences in system design. The ComPARE Project closely examined the differences in these systems to identify what factors are most effective in facilitating return to work.

Work-related injury and illness in Australia, 2004 to 2014 Research Report

This study used the ComPARE database to examine work-related injury and workers’ compensation claims in Australia between 2004 and 2014. The study identified a significant decline in workplace injury over the period, suggesting that Australian workplaces had become safer during these 10 years. There was also evidence there may be twice as many work-related injuries then those that are reflected in the workers’ compensation claims system.

Authors: Lane, T; Collie, A; Hassani-Mahmooei, B

Keywords: workplace injury; workplace illness; claims management; claim outcomes

Date published: June 2016

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Return to work after work injury: A comparative policy effectiveness study Presentation

There are highly significant differences in compensated time away from work between Australian workers’ compensation jurisdictions. These differences appear to be a result of scheme design and management (policy and practice; the differences remain after taking into account the impact of other factors known to influence duration of time loss). The magnitude of the effect is as substantial as that associated with factors commonly considered to result in longer duration compensation claims (e.g., mental health claims). A presentation to the AIPN Conference 2015.

Authors: Collie, A; Lane, T; McLeod, C

Keywords: return to work; claims management; claim outcomes; compensation system; RTW

Date published: November 2015

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Compensation Policy and Return to Work Effectiveness (ComPARE) Project: Introductory report Research Report

The Compensation Policy and Return to Work Effectiveness project is based on the ComPARE database, which contains information on claims made in each workers' compensation jurisdiction in Australia from 2003 to 2014. The ComPARE dataset is a valuable asset and the project will identify the most effective policies and procedures operating in workers’ compensation systems in Australia. This information can inform development of strategies for improving areas where performance is sub-optimal.

Authors: Collie, A; Lane, T; Hatherell, L; McLeod, C

Keywords: claim outcomes

Date published: October 2015

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A unique data platform supporting research – the Compensation Research Database Poster

The Compensation Research Database is a unique Australian administrative database that supports research into compensation health. The Database includes data for transport-related claims and work-related claims covered by the Transport Accident Commission and WorkSafe Victoria. It holds over 20 years of population-based data of every compensable transport and workplace injury in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Authors: Barker, S; Prang, K

Keywords: compensation system; claims management; claim outcomes

Date published: November 2014

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